Cutting & Polishing Petrified Wood: The Russell-Zuhl Process

An integral part of our petrified wood's beauty is its smooth, mirror-like finish. This finish is of a flawless standard, superior to any other petrified wood specimens in the world. It is the result of our intricate polishing process which has been perfected following years of expertise.

Perfecting petrified wood polishing

The polishing of our petrified wood is carried out by our team member Terry Monahan, who polishes each piece until it meets his exacting standards. Terry is a perfectionist and considers his polishing work to be his signature. The specimens do not leave his care until he is satisfied, which could take hours or even days. There are no shortcuts: time, love and care is given precedence over hurrying.

Precise process

Our petrified wood polishing is a precise process that involves six stages, each stage more intricate than the last. It cannot be rushed and no step can be skipped. In each stage the grits used to polish get smaller and smaller until there are 20,000 grits in one inch. Carborundum and cerium oxide is then used on the surface to create the flawless finish.

Mirror-like surface

The polishing is complete when the surface is completely smooth and mirror-like, causing light to bounce off it directly instead of being dispersed. The end result is not only stunning but durable - the petrified wood surface is so strong it cannot be scratched and is easily kept clean with glass cleaner. Striking quality Terry has devoted his life to being the best polisher of petrified wood in the world. The time, care and love he has shown each piece is reflected in their striking beauty. Each petrified wood specimen in our storeroom has been polished to perfection. Take a look at our current products.

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