Giant Sequoia

Millions of years ago this living Sequoia tree, nearly two hundred feet tall, was encased in volcanic debris. What a violent day that must have been! The encasement material, rich in silica solution, eventually turned the tree into solid rock, commonly called quartz. This process was unique because it preserved the markings of the original tree-its annual rings, its knots, and even areas of fungal decay. All of these features plus its stunning tones of coppery browns, blacks, and rich oranges, contribute to its great visual appeal.

This "petrified" tree stood in place for 38 million years surviving earthquakes, floods and all manner of natural disasters. On a privately-owned ranch in Oregon, we found a piece of the tree sticking out of the ground and started digging. The excavation took ten days as the hard basalt rock encasing the tree required both heavy equipment and delicate hand work. As we uncovered the specimen it became clear it was something special. This tree was intact and the inside was completely petrified. The section that we excavated weighed 28,000 Ibs. and required special handing as we had to skid the log one mile to a site accessible to a large crane.

Once the piece arrived at our shop we had to modify our equipment and processes to accommodate such a large log. We held our breath until the first piece was successfully cut. After cutting, it was stabilized and reinforced with a 2-inch thick plywood backing to assure its safe handling. Forty years of knowledge and expertise went into producing this extraordinary specimen and everyone involved with the excavating, shipping, cutting, and polishing of this specimen took great pride in the finished product.

This is the largest piece of petrified wood ever found and we consider it to be the most beautiful. It takes over any room in which it is placed and no other piece is this large, has such an array of warm colors, or displays the remarkable patterns as does this specimen. Russell-Zuhl is proud to represent this spectacular natural wonder and we are confident that it will be enjoyed and valued for generations to come.