Interior Designers, Galleries, Museums: Working With Us

With access to the finest sources of petrified wood and over 30 years of excavating, cutting and polishing expertise, we are world leaders in the finish of petrified wood. As a result, we often provide museum curators and interior designers with exceptional specimens.

World leader in petrified wood

All of our petrified wood is from Arizona, Oregon and Washington in the Western States of America, where the highest quality sources can be found.

The petrified wood specimens we excavate are of unmatched condition. Paired with our expert cutting and polishing process we produce geological masterpieces which were formed in a prehistoric age.

Interior design

Our petrified wood is on display in the most elegant private homes and offices worldwide. Our specimens are valued by those who appreciate nature and geology and wish to reflect that passion in their home or office. Skillfully cut and polished with a mirror-like finish, our specimens work perfectly as tables, countertops, wall mounts etc...

All of our petrified wood pieces are one of a kind, never to be replicated. Formed in a prehistoric age, each one has its own story. Used in interior design, petrified wood is a statement piece that provides a lifetime of fascination and enjoyment.

Museums and galleries

Our petrified wood has been displayed in the most prestigious museums and educational institutions in the world, including:

    • The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
    • American Museum of Natural History, New York City.
    • Royal Museum, Toronto
    • Yale University, Connecticut
    • Houston Museum, Texas
    • Guanhuan Liu Museum, China

    Dating back to the prehistoric age when dinosaurs roamed, our petrified wood is a source of appreciation and enjoyment of geology, history and nature. They are of exceptional quality and stunning presence.

    As each of our specimens was created by a unique combination of ancient trees and natural minerals each is of singular beauty.

    Work with us

    Trusted by museums, universities and private collectors, we are world leaders in the excavation and finishing of petrified wood.

    Ralph discovered his first piece of petrified wood at age 10 and has over 30 years experience sourcing, cutting and polishing petrified wood. He has a wealth of knowledge and is available to answer detailed questions about each piece.

    We love building relationships with museum curators and interior designers who share our appreciation of petrified wood.

    Join us, and together we’ll find that prized piece that you will be proud to display. 

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