Discover The Petrified Wood Color Palette

One of the most fascinating features of petrified wood is the range of colors it can possess. As each piece of petrified wood is entirely unique, so is its color combination. Some pieces may only have the native colors of the wood while others could have splendid bursts of blue, green or pink.

When choosing petrified wood for your home, color is one of the most significant considerations. Such a statement piece must compliment the tones in the room. Another option is to be led by the petrified wood, building your room’s color palette around it. Whatever you decide, the magnificent one of a kind piece is sure to be a focal point.

Petrified wood colors

Determining petrified wood colors

What determines the distinct colors that characterize each unique piece of petrified wood? It is all dependent on the minerals which have infiltrated it. When a tree dies, minerals from ground water, lakes or oceans seep into the pores of organic tissue and leave deposits in the wood, slowly creating crystals within it. This process continues over the course of millions of years until the central cavity of the cell is completely filled and all the organic materials have been replaced by minerals, turning the wood into stone. This process is referred to as petrification, referencing the Latin word “petro” which means “rock” or “stone.”

The result is a one-of-a-kind geological masterpiece, each one featuring a set of colors and patterns never to be replicated.

The colors of the petrified wood reflect the minerals present in the surrounding soil or water that petrify it. Below, we’ve detailed some of examples of mineral deposits and the colors they produce:

Red: Iron (hematite).

Orange: Iron (ferric oxy-hydroxides).

Yellow: Iron (ferric oxysalts, Uranium Minerals (e.g. carnotite).

Green: Ferrous iron (e.g. chlorite), Malachite, Chromium-mica, Uranium Minerals (e.g. torbernite), Nickel (e.g. garnierite).

Blue: Light scattering from voids and inclusions, Copper (e.g. azurite), Cobalt salts.

Purple/Violet: Manganese (e.g. purpurite), Ferric iron (as in amethyst).

Brown: Iron (mixed ferric iron-bearing minerals).

Black: Manganese oxy-hydroxides, Graphite, Magnetite, Pyrite.

White: Fluid or gas inclusions.

Grey: Various dark inclusions.

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