All You Need to Know About the Purchase of Petrified Wood

Each specimen of petrified wood is entirely unique due to the individual combination of wood and minerals in the prehistoric age that created it (link to What Is Petrified Wood page). As a result, specimens of value are prized by collectors.

Petrified wood value is determined by a number of factors, including size, rarity and natural beauty. Before you purchase a specimen it is wise to familiarize yourself with these factors to ensure you choose a valuable piece you will be proud to own.

When picking a piece of petrified wood that will become a prized possession in your home, here's all the features you should consider:


Size is one of the most important factors that determines the price of petrified wood. Small pieces of petrified wood are common and have often been mass produced and polished without expertise. Large specimens are rarer and more valuable. These pieces are prized by collectors, who use them as wall mounts and as tables. These large pieces are also displayed in universities and museums worldwide. We have a wide variety of sizes in our showroom for you to choose from.


The color and patterns of petrified wood are just as important as size when determining value. What creates the color in petrified wood are the minerals it was buried in during prehistoric age (link to our page explaining petrified wood and its colors). The more colorful a specimen, the more it is generally worth. Many of the pieces in our showroom are from Arizona which is known for its brilliant rainbow pallet.


Petrified wood that’s been expertly polished is worth more. We do all of our cutting and polishing in-house and our workmanship is unmatched. We produce a “mirror-like” finish and no piece leaves the shop unless it’s perfect.

Growth Rings

Petrified wood from Oregon and Washington clearly show the annual ring structure of the original tree. This is a charming feature that adds warmth and interest. Petrified wood from Arizona typically has bright reds, blues, yellows and pink color which gives it its own unique and valuable character.


Petrified wood can be found in many pieces worldwide. However, the petrified wood from Arizona, Washington State and Oregon is by far the most beautiful and sought after. This is where the specimens we source are from which is why they are chosen by museums and collectors. Valuing petrified wood at Russell-Zuhl. With over 50 years sourcing and selling petrified wood, Ralph is an expert in determining value. Prices in our showroom generally begin at $1,000. Most are under $10,000 and the major pieces are over $10,000. If you contact us with your budget and the color and size you are looking for, we will show you the pieces in our inventory that meet your requirements. To see the petrified specimens currently in our showroom and learn more about their value, feel free to contact us.

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