Petrified Forests: The World’s 31 Most Beautiful Petrified Forests by Ulrich Dernbach

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An essential book for those who are fascinated by petrified wood, Petrified Forests: The World’s 31 Most Beautiful Petrified Forests is a comprehensive exploration of the prehistoric geological wonder.

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Dazzling petrified wood forests

Ulrich Dernbach takes readers into the most dazzling petrified wood forests in the world, both those which are well known and those few have ever seen.

The book is a thorough investigation, detailing petrified wood locations, scientific analysis and fascinating anecdotes.

It brings together those who share a passion for nature’s most precious gift.

Color photographs

The book features more than 300 color photographs showcasing the spectacular specimens Dernbach encountered.

Respected palaeobotanists from around the world contributed to the book, drawing from their years of experience in the specialized field.

Gift or coffee table book

Petrified Forests: The World’s 31 Most Beautiful Petrified Forests is an excellent reading companion for those who are passionate about petrified wood. It is also an ideal gift and coffee table book.

A treasure trove of information and striking images, it can be delved into again and again.

Don’t miss out

This wonderful book is a must have for anyone who has a fascination with petrified wood.

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Reader reviews

“Lots of very good photos with information to accompany it. I minored in botany and paleontology in college, but there was still new information for me in this book. Dernbach's fascination with petrified wood shows through, and most of the pictures apparently came out of his own collecting trips.” - Reader review.

“Wonderful, interesting book.” - Reader review.

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